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Paying it Forward

with KHR Inc.

Bohlale ba Rena Foundation with KHR Inc. as its key collaborator, hosted an inaugural Autism Support Gala dinner. The aim was to raise funds for Thulasizwe Autism School in Soweto, Johannesburg. The school is in need of resources and equipment to help support young minds of the future.

The event brought to light the importance of the right to access education and the various barriers to this access, faced by many children around South Africa. The event was an overall success; and we’re committed to ensuring that more of the disenfranchised are “Seen, Heard, Understood”.

seen • Heard • Understood


Who is Bohlale ba rena foundation

Bohlale Ba Rena is a Non-Profit Organisation (enterprise number: 2023/526351/08) with the vision to provide children diagnosed with ASD and their families with much needed support. Their purpose is to improve the quality of life for Autistic children and create more awareness about Autism in communities. With the assistance of Government and Corporate partnerships, they aim to create opportunities for children with ASD that are of school leaving age by creating artisan centres that will empower the children with skills that enable them to get them employment and independence.   

Autism Spectrum Disorder (“ASD”) is a neurodevelopmental disorder wherein it is believed that there is a disruption in the early development of the brain. The disorder is associated with a large spectrum and differs from one individual to another, the typical indicators are certain repetitive actions and activities, impairment of social interactions, and impairment of communication abilities. The common signs and symptoms usually reported by parents or care-givers from infancy include failure to engage in babbling or pointing, failure to make eye contact, failure to respond to their name.

It may also present as loss of language skills during the child’s second year, unusual response to certain sensory stimulus, unusual movement, obsessive interest and difficulty breaking from set routines. 

The prevalence of ASD in South Africa is currently unknown but as the years go by there is more and more research that is being done and a heightened awareness amongst medical practitioners and parents about the symptoms of ASD. There are many challenges that families with children with ASD are faced with,such as access to formal education for children, as well as access to resources and supportforthe effected families. 


April 2023 Autism month; beginning with the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day on April 2. This year marks the 15th annual World Autism Awareness Day.

Gala Dinner Details:

A touch of Blue

Guests were cordially invited to join in on a  special evening of sharing in the awareness of “ASD” and giving to an important cause. The theme was Black tie with a touch of blue. 


26 April 2023


The Maslow hotel, Sandton Johannesburg

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A Night To Remember